Our Center is inside Hospital Angeles Tijuana, one of the best in Mexico with PREMIUM service

When you come for an appointmeny to have lab test done or surgery if it is necessary, all the comforts you require will be provided.

Our offices are in the south tower (the orange one) on the ninth floor. The north tower (the white one) is the hospital, where you can do all the lab tests necessary without having to leave the place to have them done.

To find an accurate diagnosis, our imaging and radiology department has the latest equipment necessary to find the most hidden lesions possible.

We have operating rooms with the latest technology for highly complicated surgeries, including robotic surgery.

And finally, the rooms for your recovery are very comfortable, you have to stay, and of course yu will recive special diet for your condition.

We have our own pharmacy, you won't have the necessity of finding the medication elsewhere.

Your companions will be fine as well as you, we have comfortable waiting rooms, a full-service cafeteria and the hospital has a multiple of 5-star hotels and restaurants just around the corner.

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